A VR game allows users to ‘save’ a digital model of the Notre Dame Cathedral | News


An shot of the Cathedral from Assassin’s Creed Unity. Image courtesy Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed Unity is a 2014 video game set in Paris in 1789 that includes a surprisingly detailed digital model of the cathedral […] The video game version of the cathedral wasn’t detailed enough for that kind of forensic research, but the makers of the game did find a way to put their version of Notre-Dame back to work. Today, Ubisoft is releasing Save Notre-Dame on Fire, a virtual reality game set inside the cathedral on the day of the fire.— Fast Company

“We’re using real elements from the architecture to create something that’s interesting for the player. We have all the immensity of the real Notre-Dame,” shares Ubisoft’s SVP Deborah Papiernik with Fast Company. The game was released in unison with a new movie directed by Enemy at the Gates director Jean-Jacques Annaud that depicts the real-life heroism of the Paris Fire Brigade, which managed to salvage an incredible amount of church relics, bells, and other artifacts in process of preventing a nearly total loss of the structure.

In an effort to help people understand the value and importance of the Cathedral’s rebuilding efforts the game acts as a form of “edu-tainment’ reports Nate Berg of Fast Company. Ubisoft’s VR game release follows their $565,000 donation to the rebuilding effort back in 2019 .

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