Average US Internet Home Uses a Record 6.8 OTT Services

NEW YORK—New results from Kagan Consumer Insights surveys of US internet adults reveal that US internet households used an average of 6.8 streaming video services in March of 2022.

It was the highest level tracked to date but also up only marginally from an average of 6.6 services in September 2021, S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Kagan found.

Mainstays such as Netflix, YouTube and Amazon’s Prime Video continue to be widely used by many American households, but newcomers such as HBO Max, Apple TV+, Paramount+ and Peacock have driven growth in total streaming services used, the researchers said.

(Image credit: S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Kagan)

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The survey also found that subscription video services accounted for for the majority of services used while free, ad-supported services (including YouTube) stood at about 30% share and social video with about 15% share of total services.

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