Duda website deal: Save $264 when you build a site

Building a website can feel daunting when you’re a freelancer or small agency, and with Duda, you can build your dream site without any hassle. If you’re thinking about creating one for your small business, Duda just dropped a sale, reducing their monthly cost from $59 to $33with code JUNEAGENCY.

The agency plan can build you up to four different websites, so if you’re working with small clients or have a couple of businesses that need some online TLC, this plan can keep tabs on all of them in one handy place. The deal includes AWS hosting and publishing per page. If you’re unaware of what publishing per page means, you can publish the page without republishing the entire site, so it’s great for working on single pages within your website.

You can give access to website edits to up to ten different people, and this tier for website building is the first site domain to provide a custom email domain. The plan also includes widget builders.

If you’re planning on opting for Duda, the monthly plan will be $33, but it’s billed annually, so you can expect to pay an upfront cost of $396 instead of the usual $660, so you’ll save $264. And, if you have any questions after you purchase, this plan comes with priority response times, so you can get speedy responses from dedicated customer support professionals to make sure your website is running smoothly. In order to get the deal, you’ll have to use code JUNEAGENCY.

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