From a new space station to supply chain solutions, a check in with commercial space – Are We There Yet – Space

Sierra Space has plans for its Dream Chaser, including carrying astronauts into low-Earth orbit. Photo: Sierra Space

NASA is working with private industry to handle the day-to-day business of space, like delivering supplies to the International Space Station. One of those companies will soon be Sierra Space.

We’ll speak with Sierra Space CEO Tom Vice about the company’s plans for its Dream Chaser spaceplane, and how private industry is giving NASA a hand when it comes to business in low-Earth orbit.

Then, industries throughout the global economy are feeling the impacts of supply chain issues, and the aerospace world is not immune to these challenges. But one commercial space leader argues the aerospace supply chain problem is a bit different than other sectors of the economy. We’ll speak with Morpheus Space co-founder and president István Lőrincz about the unique challenges — and possible solutions — to supply chain issues in the aerospace industry.

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