Prominent Leaker Teases Impending God of War Ragnarok PS5, PS4 Reveals

God of War Ragnarok PS5 PlayStation 5 PS4 1

If you’ve been following the video game industry closely these past few weeks, you’ll be familiar with Twitter leaker The Snitch – an “insider” with a flawless batting record, spanning everything from Sony’s recent State of Play to a number of announcements throughout not-E3 week. So reliable has this sneakster’s rumours been that you can practically take anything from their account as confirmation.

A superimposed Kratos meme with what appears to be code at the bottom will have PlayStation fans’ pulses racing, then. Many believe the 11110 is binary for 30 – or, effectively, 30th June. This is a Thursday, which is generally when Sony tends to hold State of Play broadcasts. It also correlates with what other journalists have been saying: that more news will be shared at the end of the month.

Obviously, The Snitch has resorted to riddles with their new-found fame, so the tweet is open to interpretation. Given the rumour-monger’s track record, though, you can probably rest assured that something is going on with God of War Ragnarok soon. Sit tight, folks – it’s going to be a fun end to the month!


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